A-holes: A type book

“Font” is a four letter word that starts with an “F”. This book explores the negative space that is enclosed by the letter A.

CURTIS CANHAM, CSA Creative Studio
- Via kickstarter 2015

110 backers pledged $7,545 to help bring this project to life. Books were shipped to 5 countries worldwide.

RECENT PRESS /There's plenty of ways to explore type in the design world. We've seen illustrated tributes, poster designs, alphabets, t-shirts and animations; this book from type ethusiast Curtis Canham will have you inspired and laughing your a-hole off. 'A-holes' is a type book that explores the negative space enclosed by the letter 'A'.

- creativebloq.com


A-HOLES: A TYPE BOOK is a cleverly-written art book that explores the negative space enclosed by the letter ‘A’. While it makes a perfectly fun and cheeky coffee table book, its foundations are firmly rooted in the foundations and facts of typography. Curtis covers topics such as the anatomy of an A-hole, recognizing various typographic families of A-holes, the history of A-holes, and infamous/famous A-holes throughout history while spicing it all up with a healthy dose of humor and perhaps a few borderline puns. Put it all together and you have a refreshing, comedic take on a typically dry, dull topic. You'll never look at type the same way again, and no doubt you'll soon be seeing A-Holes everywhere!

This book is an absolute must for all graphic designers, typographers, letterers, screen printers, artists, and graphic design students... or really, anyone with a sense of humor.

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I want to teach the next generation the important nuances of their chosen field. So I have created a humorous book that examines typography through the lens of negative space.