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I *Heart* Type

So you like Type. But do you like, really like, Type? So you like Type like you liked that girl in elementary school. I want to tell you something; I love Type.

“If you're a bird,
I'm a bird.

—The Notebook

I love Type so much, that I write love letters to Type every single night. Even though Type’s Mom is hiding those letters before Type can read them, I keep on writing Type those letters. When I get back from the war, I’m going to buy Type the house it always wanted and I’m going to restore it myself. Then Type’s Mom is going to show Type all those letters that I wrote and I’m going to go on a boat ride with Type.

Then at the end, in the hospital, you will see it was actually me and Type the whole time. (Just like The Note Book)

A type book

A cleverly-written art book that explores the negative space enclosed by the letter 'A'. While it makes a perfectly fun and cheeky coffee table book, its foundations are firmly rooted in the foundations and facts of typography.

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